Opening of the Solidarity Fund

fonds solidaire

Opening of the Solidarity Fund

Résaux sociaux

From 10 November 2023 to 10 February 2024 opens the call for Fonds Solidaire projects.

The Fonds Solidaire aims to bring solidarity within reach of students. The possibilities for projects are endless, as the call for projects is open to all students, from all faculties, who are registered-es as Solidarity Students.

Last year, five (5) winning students and their projects were successfully supported by the Fonds Solidaire. The group IngénieuxSud composed of Mélinda, Camille, Tom and Lydie, had the project of building a ecological oven for the NGO ASPEL in Bénin in order to help children and students with their training. Maxime, meanwhile, carried out a drilling to bring drinking water to a village in the west of Cameroon.

Do you dream of embarking on a meaningful solidarity adventure? Fonds Solidaire finances your projects in Belgium or the Global South.


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