The health of mothers here and elsewhere

The health of mothers here and elsewhere

The health of mothers here and elsewhere

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A few weeks ago, Morgane Carlier and Marine Dupont, two committed and determined midwives, inaugurated the Centre Périnatal du Brabant Wallon. Located in Genappe, it brings together a multi-disciplinary team to provide holistic care for newborn babies, and continuity of care for several months after birth. The Centre supports the NGO Louvain Coopération in its actions to promote the health of women, future and existing mothers beyond our borders.

Morgane Carlier and Marine Dupont have been midwives in Belgium for several years. Like many care providers, they have observed a fragmented approach to perinatal monitoring and parental support, leaving future parents often at a loss to find specialist, competent professionals. "The reform that shortened the length of stay in maternity wards has shown an increase in the need for follow-up at home and/or in doctors' surgeries to provide solutions to a range of postpartum problems requiring multidisciplinary care," they comment. "Currently, out-of-hospital care is not optimal due to the lack of a strong and active perinatal network. "

Committed to offering excellence in perinatal healthcare, Morgane and Marine came up with the idea of creating the first perinatal and parenting support reference centre with a team of over 50 professionals. The BW Perinatal Centre therefore offers comprehensive care, from the desire for pregnancy, prenatal monitoring, birth, postpartum, support for parenthood, paramedical support for children and teenagers through to taking care of the health of the woman and the family as a whole. "The centre allows us to bring together medical, paramedical and therapeutic practices in a single location. We bring together and collaborate with hospital structures, mutual insurance companies, schools, GPs, medical centres and so on. This enables us to take into account all needs (physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social, family) in an adapted and personalised way. 

Women's health around the world

The development of the centre and future projects (floatation bath and acquisition of a TINY house to support couples going through miscarriage, abortion, bereavement) requires additional funding. The team at the Centre Périnatal du Brabant Wallon is appealing to the generosity of the general public to support this project through crowdfunding. But their approach does not stop at our borders. The founders of the centre also want to get involved in public health initiatives to meet the enormous needs linked to the birth rate in the countries of the South. Every day, around 830 women die as a result of pregnancy or childbirth. And 99% of these maternal deaths occur in low-income countries. They are due to complications that could be avoided or treated relatively easily.

"We are aware that other needs exist elsewhere. That's why we've decided to donate a percentage of the donations we receive via our crowdfunding to Louvain Coopération."

For more information about the Centre Périnatal du Brabant Wallon:
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