Yonas and Corentin will be pedalling all the way to Malaysia

Yonas et Corentin

Yonas and Corentin will be pedalling all the way to Malaysia

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Yonas and Corentin, two former UCLouvain students with a passion for cycling, have decided to embark on a rather crazy project: to reach Malaysia by the strength of their calves. To give this project a real meaning, they will be sponsoring their pedalling in support of Louvain Coopération, their university NGO.

Yonas, 22, has just finished his bioengineering studies at UCLouvain. His team-mate, Corentin, 24, has just graduated in civil engineering, also at Louvain-la-Neuve. For several years now, they have been taking part in cycling challenges together, travelling to a different European country each year. "But now that we've finished our studies, we fancy a bigger challenge, a bigger trip, and that's how this crazy idea came about."

Their adventure will begin in Brussels around the 15th October and end in July, in South-East Asia, after 15,000 kilometres. Their journey will take them across Europe, with highlights such as crossing the Alps and the Balkans. Then it's on to Turkey and Nepal, beneath the majestic Himalayas. Later, their route will take them to South-East Asia, where they will explore Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and finally Malaysia.

A challenge of solidarity

"Our journey is not just about cycling," they explain. "We have a mission that is very close to our hearts: to support projects linked to food sovereignty throughout our journey. We have chosen to work with Louvain Coopération, UCLouvain's NGO, which works in this field around the world. Our aim is to raise €1 per kilometre travelled, for a total of €15,000. During our visit to Cambodia, we plan to visit Louvain Coopération's projects to show you in concrete terms how the funds raised are used, while raising public awareness of their projects on the field."

Louvain Coopération's commitments in Cambodia focus on several key areas, aimed at improving the quality of life of local communities. On the ground, they work with partners, particularly on the agro-ecological transition and equity in agriculture, as well as on the development of sustainable food systems.

Yonas and Corentin have chosen to support Louvain Coopération through the CNCD-11.11.11, which will triple the amount raised from their supporters.

To support their initiative, visit this website.

The start of their journey will be given in a month's time. For those interested, Yonas and Corentin are still looking for sponsors to finance their project.

We wish these two young people, committed to a more sustainable world, all the best for the future.

Follow their adventure on instagram : @yoco_bikepacking.

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