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Louvain Coopération adheres to the principles of the AERF (Association for Ethical Fundraising)

Board members carry out their activities on a voluntary basis. To find out more about the team, you can click here.

Yes, for all donations of €40 or more accumulated annually, donors receive a certificate by March of the following year at the latest.


Yes, we regularly welcome volunteers or trainees, whether for awareness-raising activities in Belgium or in the

You can go to the site and click on the "Make a donation" button at the top of this page. Then you choose "I donate monthly" and select the monthly amount you want, before filling in your details.

You will then receive a confirmation email and a welcome letter containing further information.

If you wish to change your direct debit, email info@louvaincooperation.org or call Pascale Miller on 010 390 304.

We have a team in each of our countries of operation, who are responsible for checking that the money actually reaches the project and the beneficiaries and is used in a way that creates the greatest possible positive impact. Accounts and supporting documents are also checked.

Ethics & integrity

In all countries, despite state aid, associations have to intervene because people fall through the cracks. Some countries have fairly weak systems, so the role of foreign associations and local civil society remains essential. We're not there to replace, but to provide temporary support and strengthen civil society so that it can carry out its activities. We are a small association, constantly reflecting on these issues. We're in it for the long haul, while trying to keep our operating costs down and remain agile.

Our partners are supported by our teams through monitoring meetings and field visits. They also complete an annual capacity-building questionnaire to assess progress from one year to the next. Ensuring that our partners' capacities are strengthened is included in our intervention strategy as the No. 1 result to be achieved.

Our local team passes the money on to our local partners, who use it directly to work with the beneficiaries. There are therefore 2 intermediaries.

Louvain Coopération is a member of the CNCD (national centre for development cooperation). This brings together nearly 80 development NGOs, trade unions and continuing education associations involved in international solidarity in Belgium's French- and German-speaking communities


6% of the donations we receive finance our operating costs.

We work in several politically unstable countries. We strive to maintain proper relations with the powers that be so that we can continue to support local populations, while keeping a sufficient distance to guarantee our independence.

We are an offshoot of UCLouvain, so we have Catholic roots. But our organisation supports people in the South regardless of their religion. The partners we work with are both denominational and secular. For us, the most important thing is the professionalism of the partners we work with and the trust we can have in them.

We are statutorily independent of UCLouvain. We collaborate with researchers, professors and students to carry out many projects, our Board is 80% UCLouvain staff (academic and administrative) and we receive financial support from the university,but this is by no means our main source of income. We receive funding from UCLouvain mainly for awareness-raising activities.

  • A Solidarity Legacy
    You offer a future to those who need it most
  • Aimpactful legacy
    You are initiating real change because Louvain Coopération demands concrete results from its actions
  • .
  • A legacythoughtful
    You support projects that benefit from UCLouvain's critical eye and expertise. They are innovative and appropriate.
  • A partner legacy
    You support projects that involve local partners. They are trained and supported to make these projects more sustainable.
  • A transparent legacy
    The money you entrust to us is used transparently. Our accounts and results are published and audited by the Belgian state.

If you opt for a one-off donation, Louvain Coopération will keep you informed about its projects and you will receive calls for donations from time to time so that you can continue to support our projects.

If you start a direct debit, you will pay a fixed amount each month. Thanks to a direct debit, Louvain Coopération can plan its resources for the medium and long term and reduce its ecological footprint by directing less of its communication towards fundraising.

If you are interested in a direct debit, please contact us.

For more information, visit our donation page.

Of a donation of €100, €11 goes towards staff remuneration, €8 towards administrative and general costs and €2 goes towards finding a further €100. €79 goes directly to the projects.

We take part in a number of consortia of NGOs that meet and work together on different themes. We are also linked to the 3 other French-speaking Belgian university NGOs, with whom we are increasingly carrying out joint projects as part of the Uni4Coop consortium


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